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William Henry Day
William Henry Day
Welcome to the Switzer Genealogy Site, a collaboration between Bryant Taggart, whose wife is descended from Hans Jacob Schweitzer (1620 - 1710), and Robert Switzer who also descends from Hans Jacob Schweitzer. Our hope is that you find some enjoyment in reviewing the site and perhaps learn something new of your own heritage that will be of interest.

I have had, as long as I can remember, an interest in my heritage, and for the past 35+ years, on and off, have been working on the Switzer genealogy. This work is an attempt to trace the Switzer Family from The Palatinate Germany to their present locations. A number of descendents of Hans Jacob Schweitzer - over the generations - have also had a great interest in their heritage and their genealogy works have been a major source of help with this genealogy. Those deceased researchers (names – birth and death dates - site ID number), I would like to recognize are:

Frederick Tate “Fred” Bell (1888 – 1966) – I14826
Byron Wesley “Wes” Switzer (1908 – 1998) – I1887
Everett George Switzer (1910 – 1985) – I1027
Judith Louise “Judy” Davis (1945 – 2009) – I9627

There are, as well, a number of site members and other Switzer researchers who have provided, corrections, additions, photos, etc. to help improve this site to which I say Thank-You for sharing. This is an on-going project and can only improve with your continued sharing of information, as well as additional research.

One should remember, however, that the Genealogy of any family is an ongoing process and also that there are bound to be errors or omissions in any genealogy work. So, I expect, is the same with this genealogy - information is always being found that helps to reduce the errors, but there will be errors none-the-less.


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If you have any questions, comments or would like to share research, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Latest News
1 Mar 2017 - Eight Years online - There are now 26,676 individuals, 9338 families and 3067 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. There are now 1123 Photos, 299 Cemeteries with 671 Headstones, 295 Documents, 288 Census Images, 836 Birth Certificates, 873 Marriage Certificates, and 681 Death Certificates. Thanks to all those who have contributed information to our site.

7 Mar 2014 - Five Years online - There are now 25,108 individuals, 8776 families and 2987 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. There are now 1038 Photos, 272 Cemeteries with 602 Headstones, 291 Documents, 288 Census Images, 764 Birth Certificates, 736 Marriage Certificates, and 549 Death Certificates. Any new or corrected information is always welcome. Please contribute and help us grow. Thanks.

7 Mar 2013 - Four Years and Growing - There are now 24,239 individuals, 8446 families and 2965 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. There are now 979 Photos, 259 Cemeteries with 547 Headstones, 272 Documents, 288 Census Images, 736 Birth Certificates, 683 Marriage Certificates, and 497 Death Certificates. Any new or corrected information is always welcome. Be a contributor and help us grow our database. Thanks.

7 Mar 2012 - Our 3rd Anniversary - There are now 22,217 individuals, 7594 families and 2797 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. There are now 903 Photos, 244 Cemeteries with 514 Headstones, 200 Documents, 266 Census Images, 548 Birth Certificates, 516 Marriage Certificates, and 393 Death Certificates. Here is a lot of information for your genealogy research. Again - Many thanks to Bob and our contributors for their efforts. We will be adding new innovations shortly. Enjoy.

10 Feb 2011 - It has been almost 2 years and another milestone - There are now 20,005 individuals, 6802 families and 2609 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. There are 814 Photos, 219 Cemeteries with 449 Headstones, and 923 Documents. Many thanks to Bob and our contributors for their efforts in growing the database. We have also added a Guestbook and also the ability to view our pages in many languages with Google Translate.

14 Aug 2010 - Bob and his family are off to bonny Scotland to watch grandson Ian, who is a member of the Rob Roy Pipe Band, participate in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow. Granddaughter Rebekah will be doing Highland Dance. May they have a great time, and will be waiting to hear all about it when they return. Ah - The Pipes - The Pipes.

18 Jun 2010 - Today is Bryant and Paula's 50th wedding anniversary. We visited Canyonlands National Park today as part of our 3881 mile, 16 day tour of over 15 national and state parks and monuments. Great scenery, great weather and great company. Delicious bison steak for dinner tonight.

18 Mar 2010 - It has been 1 year and how we have grown - There are now 14736 individuals, 4795 families and 2434 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. 508 Photos, 210 Cemeteries with 386 Headstones, 424 Documents, with more to come. Many thanks to our contributors, and keep the information flowing.

27 Jul 2009 - A new milestone today - There are now 10014 individuals, 3121 families and 2073 of the individuals are Switzers or Schweitzers. 160 Photos, 191 Cemeteries with 105 Headstones, 141 Documents, with more to come. Keep checking back as we add more data.

18 May 2009 - Today Bob is headed out to a well deserved vacation - They are going to visit the homeland of his ancestors, Germany - Meanwhile Bob's busy fingers have been entering more inviduals etc., so now the count is up to 7122 individuals, 2131 families and 1684 of the individuals are Switzers. Now up to 99 photos, 60 documents and more.

22 Mar 2009 - Well we've started - There are now 5557 individuals, 1435 families and 1534 of the individuals are Switzers. Photos, Cemeteries, Places, map locations are being added. Enjoy.

7 Mar 2009 - A new website was born - "Switzer Genealogy", dedicated to the descendants of Hans Jacob Schweitzer (1620-1710) - Robert Switzer and Bryant Taggart are collaborating to bring you thousands of related people along with photos, documents, histories, places, burial sites, etc.

Join us as we add more information, and we welcome any relations to offer any corrections or additions to our growing database.

A note about living people and privacy - Every attempt has been made to protect the names of the living. This is based on a birth and or death date, and if this information is missing then it is possible for the information on a living person to be shown. If you see any such names, please inform us and we will mark them as living.