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Switzer Avenue

I was wondering if there is any way to put out a request to others for info, and in this case, I am looking for information about Switzer Avenue, in Ottawa. I know that my mother said it was connected to a relative but who or when or why id lost. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Sue Murphy Sahlgren

Would be greatly appreciated if anyone could answer Sue's querry.

Received the following comment:
I believe that Switzer Avenue in Ottawa, was named after Kenneth Switzer. Ken worked for years at the Ottawa Humane Society
Diane Switzer
Martha Switzer

Bob I have no idea who this Martha Switzer is. Can the info go into Most Wanted on your site? Miss Martha Switzer, who died in Taegu, Korea 1929 after eighteen years of service, left a legacy for Bible Institute work. This and more info was in History of the Korea Mission Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Vol II 1935-1959. Debra Does anyone know who this Martha Switzer was? Bob
Michael Switzer (also known as Joseph)

I had the pleasure of corresponding with Wes Switzer 20 years ago. I have a Most Wanted: Michael Switzer (also known as Joseph, according to the Coroner's Inquest and called Frederick Michael Switzer on the Marriage Certificate of his son of that name). He appears first when he marries Margaret Morkin in Springfield, Sangamon County, IL. 30 Nov 1857. They move to St Louis where they have 5 kids. In 1865 he drowns and there are no cemetery records. Hearsay is that he was born about 1835 in Ireland near the same area as Maggie who was born in Borrisnoe, Tipperary. Thanks, Tom Switzer

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