Switzer Genealogy
Descendants of Hans Jacob Schweitzer
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Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada


Tree: Switzer Family
Latitude: 44.3387047, Longitude: -78.7440246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowhey, James Sydney  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I19807 Switzer Family 
2 Brown, John Nugent  17 Feb 1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I24430 Switzer Family 
3 Clarke, Lillian Joan  8 Mar 1957Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I14718 Switzer Family 
4 Clarke, Roland  26 Dec 1958Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I14719 Switzer Family 
5 Clarke, Walter Neil  10 Dec 1960Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I14720 Switzer Family 
6 Fee, Augusta A.  30 Aug 1873Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I16555 Switzer Family 
7 Hough, Jenny Sophia  1894Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I2403 Switzer Family 
8 Rea, William Herbert  15 Jan 1875Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5196 Switzer Family 
9 Robertson, Dougal Alexander  17 Nov 1875Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I19748 Switzer Family 
10 Scully, Edith  3 Sep 1894Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8381 Switzer Family 
11 Switzer, Gladys Viola  15 Mar 1900Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8721 Switzer Family 
12 Switzer, Henry Rea  9 May 1902Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8389 Switzer Family 
13 Switzer, Iva Hilda Irene  14 Jun 1899Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8714 Switzer Family 
14 Switzer, Lawrence Everton  9 Jul 1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8722 Switzer Family 
15 Switzer, Milburn Arthur  14 Jul 1902Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1502 Switzer Family 
16 Switzer, Russell Arlington  18 Jan 1918Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8723 Switzer Family 
17 Winters, Ida  Abt 1863Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I23131 Switzer Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Dorothy Kathaleen  1 Oct 2016Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9195 Switzer Family 
2 Balfour, Sylvester  6 Sep 1924Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I16578 Switzer Family 
3 Bate, James Amos  2 May 1951Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8698 Switzer Family 
4 Bates, George Arthur  10 Aug 1920Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I16053 Switzer Family 
5 Blackwell, Anne Maria  24 May 1887Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5217 Switzer Family 
6 Blackwell, Selina  21 Mar 1881Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5214 Switzer Family 
7 Bowers, Raymond R.  2 Aug 1958Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I6483 Switzer Family 
8 Carew, June Adelia  17 Aug 2016Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9218 Switzer Family 
9 Clarke, Walter Neil  1 Aug 2014Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I14720 Switzer Family 
10 Debois, Henry Isaac  24 Mar 1950Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I24597 Switzer Family 
11 Dillman, Mary Elizabeth  4 Jul 1917Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5195 Switzer Family 
12 Duncan, Maisie Doreen  6 Apr 2009Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I11500 Switzer Family 
13 Gneveckow, William John  1909Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5750 Switzer Family 
14 Gordon, George L.  14 Feb 1985Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9859 Switzer Family 
15 Hambley, Violet Irene  22 Apr 1937Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I19291 Switzer Family 
16 Henry, Agnes May  11 Dec 1925Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I3221 Switzer Family 
17 Johnson, Bertha Ardela Yvonne  16 Nov 2008Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I11628 Switzer Family 
18 Lindsay, William Allen  20 Feb 1933Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8888 Switzer Family 
19 Lynch, Joan Beatrice  11 Sep 2014Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I14709 Switzer Family 
20 Mackinnon, Stanley  23 Oct 2014Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I26677 Switzer Family 
21 McMahon, Elizabeth Loretta  25 Aug 1965Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I2526 Switzer Family 
22 Mintz, Evelyn Mary  27 Feb 2002Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9055 Switzer Family 
23 Mintz, Ida Ellen  1963Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I843 Switzer Family 
24 Mintz, James Henry  15 Jun 1930Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I6568 Switzer Family 
25 Nugent, Eva Alice Maud  4 Sep 1952Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I24438 Switzer Family 
26 Nugent, Robert A.  27 Oct 1964Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I24421 Switzer Family 
27 Nugent, Samuel  27 Feb 1949Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I24419 Switzer Family 
28 Rea, Edward Wilbert  11 Sep 1881Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5216 Switzer Family 
29 Rea, Isaac L.  10 Jun 1903Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5210 Switzer Family 
30 Rea, James  12 Mar 1925Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I4068 Switzer Family 
31 Rea, Jane  7 Mar 1892Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I4064 Switzer Family 
32 Rea, Leslie H.  6 Jan 1877Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5215 Switzer Family 
33 Rea, Mary Eleanor  2 Apr 1921Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I4070 Switzer Family 
34 Rettie, Edna Eleanor  17 Jan 2009Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I11668 Switzer Family 
35 Spencer, John James  14 Oct 1957Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9057 Switzer Family 
36 Stevens, Mabel Sarah  22 Sep 1993Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I17709 Switzer Family 
37 Switzer, Althea Maude  9 Mar 1988Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I2535 Switzer Family 
38 Switzer, Barbara Mae  12 Dec 2014Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I11257 Switzer Family 
39 Switzer, Cynthia "Alice"  24 Dec 1961Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I304 Switzer Family 
40 Switzer, Earle Perry  4 Apr 2004Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9160 Switzer Family 
41 Switzer, George Arthur  15 Sep 1954Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1500 Switzer Family 
42 Switzer, George Miles  23 Jul 1915Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I180 Switzer Family 
43 Switzer, Gladys Viola  1 Sep 1900Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8721 Switzer Family 
44 Switzer, Isaiah  22 Aug 1919Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I24126 Switzer Family 
45 Switzer, Lawrence Everton  19 Jul 2001Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8722 Switzer Family 
46 Switzer, Nathan Edelbert  22 Feb 1938Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1138 Switzer Family 
47 Switzer, Richard George Sidney Stuart  4 Dec 1954Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I2525 Switzer Family 
48 Switzer, Wesley Courtland  4 Dec 1983Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9002 Switzer Family 
49 Thompson, William Gordon  14 Nov 1953Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I2540 Switzer Family 
50 Thomson, Thomas Gordon  31 Mar 1987Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I2536 Switzer Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cunningham, Barbara  Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I3717 Switzer Family 
2 Mintz, Ida Ellen  Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I843 Switzer Family 
3 Switzer, Oren  Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I841 Switzer Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1861Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I19519 Switzer Family 
2 Bates, Della Jane  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1501 Switzer Family 
3 Bates, Della Jane  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1501 Switzer Family 
4 Bates, George Arthur  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I16053 Switzer Family 
5 Bates, Mary Elizabeth  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I18981 Switzer Family 
6 Bathgate, James  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I18990 Switzer Family 
7 Bathgate, Robina  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1888 Switzer Family 
8 Blackwell, Edward  1861Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I19518 Switzer Family 
9 Blackwell, Selina  1861Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5214 Switzer Family 
10 Blackwell, William  1861Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I19528 Switzer Family 
11 Budd, Jane Ann  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I16054 Switzer Family 
12 Hill, Alice M.  1901Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I8387 Switzer Family 
13 McBrian, Elizabeth Jane  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I18991 Switzer Family 
14 Rea, Isaac L.  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5210 Switzer Family 
15 Rea, Mary Eleanor  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I4070 Switzer Family 
16 Rea, Olive M.  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5213 Switzer Family 
17 Switzer, Adam W.  1891Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5212 Switzer Family 
18 Switzer, Adam W.  1901Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I5212 Switzer Family 
19 Switzer, Earl Orville  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1504 Switzer Family 
20 Switzer, George Arthur  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1500 Switzer Family 
21 Switzer, George Miles  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I180 Switzer Family 
22 Switzer, Milburn Arthur  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1502 Switzer Family 
23 Switzer, Phyllis Gertrude  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1503 Switzer Family 
24 Switzer, Vera Margarite  1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I1505 Switzer Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wood, Jean Eleanor  1 Jul 2009Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada I9194 Switzer Family 


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   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alger /   22 Jun 1898Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F5646 Switzer Family 
2 Bell / Graham  5 Oct 1874Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F1369 Switzer Family 
3 Cunningham / Kydd  24 Sep 1884Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F1836 Switzer Family 
4 Debois / Henry  2 Sep 1925Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F8585 Switzer Family 
5 Edwards / Balfour  4 Feb 1919Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F5530 Switzer Family 
6 Edwards / Fee  15 Nov 1898Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F5527 Switzer Family 
7 Fader / Beacon  30 Jun 1920Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F6727 Switzer Family 
8 Fisher / Mintz  19 Dec 1942Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F3849 Switzer Family 
9 Howell / Day  6 Nov 1916Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F8586 Switzer Family 
10 Howell / Day  6 Nov 1916Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F8588 Switzer Family 
11 Hoxie / Sims  19 Dec 1911Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F6691 Switzer Family 
12 Lytle / Lowes  13 Oct 1906Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F7280 Switzer Family 
13 Magee / Switzer  29 Oct 1889Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F437 Switzer Family 
14 McMahon / Beamish  6 Dec 1876Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F5299 Switzer Family 
15 Mintz / Chamberlain  31 Mar 1915Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F427 Switzer Family 
16 Pennock / Rea  20 Nov 1906Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F2560 Switzer Family 
17 Perry / Winters  4 Jun 1884Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F7951 Switzer Family 
18 Rea / Blackwell  27 Mar 1878Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F1310 Switzer Family 
19 Rea / Blackwell  18 Oct 1887Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F1402 Switzer Family 
20 Savinac / Speiran  16 Mar 1910Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F3075 Switzer Family 
21 Skuce / Switzer  20 Jul 1927Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F3591 Switzer Family 
22 Switzer / Aldred  17 Sep 1936Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F604 Switzer Family 
23 Switzer / Bates  28 Feb 1899Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F584 Switzer Family 
24 Switzer / Crabtree  2 Jul 1921Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F3587 Switzer Family 
25 Switzer / Hill  28 Sep 1898Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F2564 Switzer Family 
26 Switzer / Hough  14 Aug 1923Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F835 Switzer Family 
27 Thomson / Switzer  23 Apr 1924Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F878 Switzer Family 
28 Wallace / Mintz  27 Nov 1918Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F1970 Switzer Family 
29 Welch / Hellems  22 Feb 1952Lindsay, Victoria, ON, Canada F3788 Switzer Family