Switzer Genealogy
Descendants of Hans Jacob Schweitzer
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Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada


Tree: Switzer Family
Latitude: 44.1063600, Longitude: -79.1229190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Frederick  18 Dec 1893Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I23817 Switzer Family 
2 Harman, Mary Beatrice  16 Jan 1886Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I7779 Switzer Family 
3 Hopkins, Eleanor  1852Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1077 Switzer Family 
4 Stickland, Josiah Everett  10 Nov 1898Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1889 Switzer Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acton, Wesley Mason  11 Jun 2000Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I23838 Switzer Family 
2 Harman, Mary Beatrice  13 Aug 1933Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I7779 Switzer Family 
3 Shier, Armenia  8 Jul 1926Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I4847 Switzer Family 
4 Shier, Perrie Alvin Harold Henry James Washington  19 Jan 1942Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I7778 Switzer Family 
5 Switzer, Edward Perront  20 Feb 1902Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I3970 Switzer Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Flanigan, Rachel  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1742 Switzer Family 
2 Reid, George  1891Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I22953 Switzer Family 
3 Switzer, Benjamin  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1748 Switzer Family 
4 Switzer, Elizabeth  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1747 Switzer Family 
5 Switzer, Emeline  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1746 Switzer Family 
6 Switzer, James  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1750 Switzer Family 
7 Switzer, Obadiah  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I22241 Switzer Family 
8 Switzer, Reuben  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I1749 Switzer Family 
9 Switzer, Sophia  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I22242 Switzer Family 
10 Williams, Robert  1861Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada I22240 Switzer Family 


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   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baker / Archer  2 Jul 1919Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada F7541 Switzer Family 
2 Baker / Gregg  29 Jul 1874Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada F7531 Switzer Family 
3 Shier / Harman  23 Jan 1912Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada F2360 Switzer Family 
4 Stacey / Pettit  24 Nov 1921Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada F6868 Switzer Family 
5 Switzer / Hopkins  25 Jun 1872Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada F322 Switzer Family 
6 Tindale / Switzer  5 Apr 1911Uxbridge, Durham, ON, Canada F467 Switzer Family