Switzer Genealogy
Descendants of Hans Jacob Schweitzer
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Haliburton County, ON, Canada


Tree: Switzer Family
Latitude: 45.1761980, Longitude: -78.5490650


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnum, Nelson Cleveland  12 Dec 1909Haliburton County, ON, Canada I18436 Switzer Family 
2 Bowers, Gladys F.  14 Jan 1907Haliburton County, ON, Canada I8909 Switzer Family 
3 Campbell, Annie May  12 Apr 1896Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19814 Switzer Family 
4 Campbell, Eva May  29 Mar 1900Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19816 Switzer Family 
5 Campbell, George Milton  20 Dec 1897Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19815 Switzer Family 
6 Campbell, John James  4 May 1894Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19813 Switzer Family 
7 Campbell, Margaret Ann  28 Oct 1889Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19812 Switzer Family 
8 Campbell, William James Rice  27 Oct 1902Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19817 Switzer Family 
9 Easton, Irene Mabel  6 Aug 1905Haliburton County, ON, Canada I25871 Switzer Family 
10 Fader, Alfred  6 Mar 1894Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19803 Switzer Family 
11 Fader, Ellen Viola  10 Aug 1906Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19809 Switzer Family 
12 Fader, Elva  6 Mar 1894Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19805 Switzer Family 
13 Fader, James Milton  23 Aug 1891Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19801 Switzer Family 
14 Fader, Ruth Ladell  26 Sep 1896Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19806 Switzer Family 
15 Fader, Vera May  11 Mar 1902Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19808 Switzer Family 
16 Hambley, Violet Irene  27 Sep 1910Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19291 Switzer Family 
17 Harrison, Litha Ellen  26 May 1901Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19687 Switzer Family 
18 Melville, Flossie Agnes  15 Jan 1888Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19799 Switzer Family 
19 Mintz, Cecilia Sophia  11 Oct 1901Haliburton County, ON, Canada I6582 Switzer Family 
20 Morrison, Mary Irene  18 Oct 1907Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19712 Switzer Family 
21 Morrison, Myrvel  Aug 1909Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19713 Switzer Family 
22 Noice, William Henry  20 Mar 1896Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19858 Switzer Family 
23 Powell, George Richard  29 Mar 1903Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19709 Switzer Family 
24 Powell, John Wesley  11 Nov 1904Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19710 Switzer Family 
25 Powell, Vera Beatrice  5 Mar 1901Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19708 Switzer Family 
26 Sawyer, Stella May  12 Dec 1898Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19825 Switzer Family 
27 Sawyer, Thomas James  27 Aug 1900Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19826 Switzer Family 
28 Sims, Earnest Leslie  27 Dec 1904Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19697 Switzer Family 
29 Sims, Gladys Mildred  27 Jul 1897Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19693 Switzer Family 
30 Sims, Irwin Carl  5 Mar 1903Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19696 Switzer Family 
31 Stamp, Cora Belle  16 Apr 1898Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1166 Switzer Family 
32 Steele, Greeta Elizabeth  30 Jun 1898Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19820 Switzer Family 
33 Steele, Robert Cecil  28 Jun 1904Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19821 Switzer Family 
34 Steele, Sarah  1 Jan 1907Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19822 Switzer Family 
35 Switzer, Emma Cecile  4 May 1885Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1157 Switzer Family 
36 Switzer, Emma Lovina  9 Nov 1881Haliburton County, ON, Canada I838 Switzer Family 
37 Switzer, Harvey Derlin  10 Oct 1891Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1163 Switzer Family 
38 Switzer, Ida May  12 May 1887Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1159 Switzer Family 
39 Switzer, Laura  26 Feb 1885Haliburton County, ON, Canada I5456 Switzer Family 
40 Switzer, Melvin Henry  19 Apr 1904Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1142 Switzer Family 
41 Switzer, Perry  8 Feb 1894Haliburton County, ON, Canada I966 Switzer Family 
42 Switzer, Reuben  28 Aug 1901Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1169 Switzer Family 
43 Switzer, Wesley Norman  6 Mar 1896Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1165 Switzer Family 
44 Switzer, Wilbert Henry  24 Feb 1883Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1156 Switzer Family 
45 Switzer, William Herbert  24 May 1881Haliburton County, ON, Canada I1154 Switzer Family 
46 Watt, Alvin Berton  1 Sep 1907Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19720 Switzer Family 
47 Welch, Alice Gertrude  30 Jun 1900Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19846 Switzer Family 
48 Welch, Amy  24 Feb 1889Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19790 Switzer Family 
49 Welch, Caroline Gladys  11 Oct 1898Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19845 Switzer Family 
50 Welch, Edith  21 Jun 1901Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19796 Switzer Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Breckenridge, Jehiel David  11 Dec 1898Haliburton County, ON, Canada I3652 Switzer Family 
2 Durrant, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1915Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19639 Switzer Family 
3 Higgins, David  4 Sep 1924Haliburton County, ON, Canada I25830 Switzer Family 
4 Sims, Lee Leroy  5 May 1929Haliburton County, ON, Canada I19694 Switzer Family 
5 Stevens, Robert Gourley  10 Sep 1905Haliburton County, ON, Canada I18438 Switzer Family 
6 Switzer, Laura  27 Feb 1885Haliburton County, ON, Canada I5456 Switzer Family 
7 Welch, William  16 Jul 1937Haliburton County, ON, Canada I18754 Switzer Family 


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   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Campbell / Jones  15 May 1889Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6730 Switzer Family 
2 Craig / Noice  15 Feb 1905Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6738 Switzer Family 
3 Fader / Cook  20 Nov 1912Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6726 Switzer Family 
4 Fader / Jones  19 Dec 1889Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6725 Switzer Family 
5 Gartshore / Welch  14 Jul 1909Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6722 Switzer Family 
6 Henderson / Barnum  1 Mar 1889Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6254 Switzer Family 
7 Hewitt / Welch  18 Jun 1902Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6721 Switzer Family 
8 Morrison / Sims  1 Aug 1906Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6690 Switzer Family 
9 Powell / Sims  7 Mar 1900Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6689 Switzer Family 
10 Roche / Fader  17 Jul 1922Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6729 Switzer Family 
11 Sims / Barry  30 Dec 1908Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6692 Switzer Family 
12 Stevens / Barnum  1 Nov 1893Haliburton County, ON, Canada F5973 Switzer Family 
13 Thompson / Jones  21 Apr 1873Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6694 Switzer Family 
14 Watt / Sims  21 Dec 1906Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6693 Switzer Family 
15 Welch / Harrison  29 Sep 1920Haliburton County, ON, Canada F6684 Switzer Family 
16 Wickham / Higgins  11 Jun 1919Haliburton County, ON, Canada F9032 Switzer Family