Switzer Genealogy
Descendants of Hans Jacob Schweitzer
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Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada


Tree: Switzer Family
Latitude: 52.5694985, Longitude: -0.2405299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Doupe, Ada May  22 Jun 1902Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23979 Switzer Family 
2 Doupe, Amy Brooks  8 Aug 1907Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23901 Switzer Family 
3 Doupe, Everett Roy  15 Apr 1897Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23976 Switzer Family 
4 Doupe, Frederick Lorne  26 Feb 1903Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23898 Switzer Family 
5 Doupe, George Henry  21 May 1895Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23974 Switzer Family 
6 Doupe, Gertrude Clara  31 May 1909Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23902 Switzer Family 
7 Doupe, James Wilson  10 Aug 1905Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23980 Switzer Family 
8 Doupe, Matilda Ann  13 Nov 1893Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23972 Switzer Family 
9 Doupe, Pierte Bruce  23 Mar 1876Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23893 Switzer Family 
10 Doupe, Sarah Frances  18 Dec 1898Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23977 Switzer Family 
11 Doupe, William Charles  13 Oct 1905Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23900 Switzer Family 
12 Higgins, Bella Minny Adeline  17 Apr 1895Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25868 Switzer Family 
13 Higgins, Bertha Mary  25 Sep 1893Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25858 Switzer Family 
14 Higgins, Elizabeth Victoria Bessie  6 May 1901Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25877 Switzer Family 
15 Higgins, Ernest  16 Jan 1891Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25851 Switzer Family 
16 Lang, Herbert Thomas  24 Jan 1871Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I24217 Switzer Family 
17 Lowes, Ruby  Jul 1888Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I21437 Switzer Family 
18 Montgomery, Kenneth Linden  1 Nov 1906Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25839 Switzer Family 
19 Peters, Frank  29 May 1899Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I9339 Switzer Family 
20 Switzer, Elvera Beatrice  9 Feb 1905Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I9649 Switzer Family 
21 Switzer, Margaret Euretta May  5 Mar 1879Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I24216 Switzer Family 
22 Switzer, Mary Ann  18 Sep 1879Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I837 Switzer Family 
23 Switzer, Violet May  18 May 1899Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I1404 Switzer Family 
24 Thompson, William Gordon  7 Sep 1940Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I2540 Switzer Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bush, Harriet Ann  28 Dec 1903Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I1812 Switzer Family 
2 Connors, Maria Jane  3 Jan 1894Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I4077 Switzer Family 
3 Dafoe, Abraham Wilson  24 Mar 1898Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23880 Switzer Family 
4 Davis, Norman Albert  25 Jan 2007Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I21280 Switzer Family 
5 Higgins, Victor Stanley  21 Oct 1935Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25842 Switzer Family 
6 Higgins, William David  8 Nov 1930Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25848 Switzer Family 
7 Lang, Marion Elizabeth  18 Mar 1987Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I24219 Switzer Family 
8 Lowes, Albert Ernest  21 Apr 1909Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I21273 Switzer Family 
9 Lowes, Gladys Pearl  22 Feb 2007Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I21313 Switzer Family 
10 Lowes, Phoebe Jane  6 Jan 1912Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I21269 Switzer Family 
11 Lowes, Ruby  2 Feb 1893Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I21437 Switzer Family 
12 Montgomery, Kenneth Linden  27 Nov 1906Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I25839 Switzer Family 
13 Switzer, William Christopher  7 Sep 1926Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I24239 Switzer Family 
14 West, Jane  22 Jun 1904Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada I23878 Switzer Family 


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   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Holcomb / Switzer  1 Jan 1861Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F1273 Switzer Family 
2 Holcomb / Switzer  6 Jan 1861Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F1270 Switzer Family 
3 Knox / Switzer  6 Oct 1867Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F1272 Switzer Family 
4 Lowes / Groves  9 May 1887Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F7240 Switzer Family 
5 Neville / Sharpe  14 Jan 1880Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F1503 Switzer Family 
6 Reynolds / Empey  17 Mar 1863Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F7168 Switzer Family 
7 Smith / Carscallen  29 Jun 1910Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F9124 Switzer Family 
8 St. John / Rea  21 Nov 1887Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F1405 Switzer Family 
9 Welch / Epton  5 Nov 1878Peterborough Cty., ON, Canada F6735 Switzer Family