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Albert Switzer Family Biography

The following is from: Grit Growth, the story of Grenfell - author: Yule, Annie I. - Publisher: Grenfell, Saskatchewan: Grenfell Historical Committee, 1980.

Mr. Albert Switzer was born in Ontario in 1852, one of a family of six girls and seven boys. Every acre of their small farm in the East had been wrestled from the forest at an incredible cost of time and back breaking labour. So, Albert became acquainted with hard work at an early age. In addition to his farm work he spent his winters in lumber camps, carefully conserving his meagre wages to supply where necessity demanded at home.

It was small wonder then that the stories of the vast stretches of treeless prairies being thrown open for settlement, and of the phenomenal homestead offer attracted the young man. He was thirty years of age when he made the decesion to go West. He reached the end of steel at Portage la Prairie, which indicates that he was several weeks earlier than the majority who took to the trail at Brandon. With his ox team and wagon and necessary equipment, he joined a group of eager homeseekers on their way to the promissed land.

Of the difficulties of the journey we are told nothing, but in this case we have the answer to a question which has frequently ocurred to us. "What circumstances led them to choose Grenfell as their home?" We are told, "By the time they had reached what is now Wolsoley some of the party figured they had come too far, others where pushing on. It was decided to flip a coin. Luck decided that they backtrack to Grenfell."

The flip of the coin was lucky for Grenfell too, for Albert Switzer was the type of man to help build a stable community. He acquired half a section of land one mile and a half north of the town site and began turning the sod. It is said that these were the first furrows plowed in the Grenfell area, and this may well have been true, since Mr. Switzer was in the vanguard of the homesteaders.

He joined a construction crew, as the railway came farther west, and each night after work carried home some lumber on his back, to build his first shack. This shack grew into a beautiful home later, as Mr. Switzer

Owner/SourceBob Switzer
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